Why Pocket Art?? - Because every pocket can afford my original art...

Hi, my name is Libat Ohayon.
Thank you for stopping by!
I am a multidisciplinary artist with background education in painting, fashion- design,silver smith jeweler, props and costume making for productions and body makeup art.
Pocket Art design- is my latest project. and my new baby taking its first steps in this world :)
In this project I paint miniature moments from silhouettes.
I mostly use black paint on a beautiful metallic colored sky. (night, sunset, sunrise...) The metallic colors combined with light create an amazing effect that really brings the piece to life.
In these moments I'm painting, I capture a real or imagined scenario that is both common and extraordinary.
I find myself while painting those moments almost present in them, like a dream, a magical interpretation of places or situations I found myself in or a situation where I want to be in in the future.
My aim is to inspire others and capture their imagination too... take them on that journey with me... I hope I do :)

Art, to me, is an amazing instrument of communication and a form of leadership that isn’t forceful. It is the closest translation to love.
Through my art, I am connecting to a deep source. Sometimes it feels as if it happens to me more than I make it happen, somewhat like a spiritual epiphany, as if it chooses to express itself through me. While it happens, I get to deeply experience the topic it touches upon, and its as if this energy is affecting my life and the lives of the people surrounding me. In my life, I use these experiences as a tool of self-empowerment and metamorphosis to progress and grow.

The views I love to paint are of serene nature, which I have always been inspired by: Mountains, seas, trees and skies and animals; as well as lots of fluffy clouds. The colors I use the most are a variety of nature colors like browns, blues and greens. I often use metallic colors that beautifully glow in different lighting. My art work has never been limited to a canvas. In my life, I have painted on objects like chairs, lamps, wood, bells, clay, plaster casts, and countless other surfaces.

Within this project, I hope you find your moment, that one frame that touches you deeply and that you can give your own new meaning to.

I'm always open to be commissioned to create your dream piece any size, shape, idea, etc...

Keep creating amazing moments...

Libat Ohayon

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